Grilled chicken marinade

Posted by on October 24, 2019

Grilled chicken marinade

Ideal Hen Marinade Recipe – An effortless hen marinade that arrives collectively in minutes for the ideal grilled rooster or baked chicken you’ve ever tasted!

For a long time now, we’ve employed this easy grilled chicken marinade that I rapidly throw together when grilling hen. It uses ingredients that you’ll most most likely have on hand. If not, I urge you to acquire them the subsequent time you are at the grocery keep, alongside with your preferred cuts of rooster and make it! It tends to make the best marinade for the very best grilled hen I’ve ever had!

Greatest Hen Marinade Recipe

A couple of many years ago, we made grilled rooster legs utilizing this marinade when my sister-in-law Karen, her husband Todd, and their three boys had been on an RV excursion with us. I understood that our son liked it and hoped that their boys would as effectively. We won’t even speak about how considerably rooster we got all of the youngsters to eat…so let’s just say they beloved it as considerably if not even much more than I’d hoped!

In all seriousness, I’ve not fed any individual rooster produced with this marinade that hasn’t loved it.

I originally just included this recipe in with my grilled rooster legs recipe that I shared a lengthy time in the past. It can make this kind of juicy, scrumptious grilled rooster breasts and operates for baked rooster as well! Since I have requests for this recipe so frequently, I thought it deserved it’s possess minor location in the world.

How to Make It

To make this, you’ll require:

I rarely cook dinner with beer, but it definitely adds some thing to this rooster. For the beer, I would advocate using no matter what beer you choose. I generally use Corona or Yeungling, but any beer that you choose will work. If you can’t use beer or desire not to, I’ve included a pair of other options that I’ve analyzed in the recipe underneath for you.

Stir. Stir with each other all of the components in a medium mixing bowl.

Pour. Then pour the marinade over the hen in a massive zip prime or other airtight container. If making use of a zip best bag, press as much air as achievable out of the bag as you seal.

Chill. Make confident that all of the chicken is well coated with the marinade. Organize in the refrigerator and chill for at the very least an hour.

How Long to Marinate Rooster:

If I’m making use of a ziptop bag, I place it on a half sheet pan in the fridge for at the very least an hour, but hopefully right away so the hen has a lot of time to soak up all that goodness.

Each few hrs, I’ll switch the bag from a single facet above to the other to hold the hen coated with the marinade.

Can I Freeze Rooster in this Marinade?

Indeed! Right here are the measures.

Deal. Area rooster into freezer-protected container and pour in excess of the marinade. Make sure that all of the chicken is nicely coated. Take away as significantly air as feasible as you seal the container. Label the container with the contents and day.

Freeze. Prepare in the freezer so that the container is as flat as attainable. Freeze for up to 3 months.

Thaw. Take away from the freezer and thaw in the fridge right away. Right after it’s thawed, then remove the hen from the marinade and discard the marinade. Finally, cook the hen in accordance to your favourite chicken recipe.

What Chicken Recipes Can I Use With This Marinade?

You can use this recipe with several of your favored rooster recipes! We love it for our grilled rooster as effectively as for our simple baked chicken!

Here’s The Ideal Hen Marinade Recipe. I hope you enjoy it as a lot as we do!

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